The Base: A Rimworld Colony Tale (01)

19 Jul
The Base: A Rimworld Colony Tale (01)

Ludeon Systems Online…

<execute system check>

  • seed: thebase
  • planet: 30.80N, 10.98W
  • terrain: temperate forest, flat, dirt road, huge river, marble and slate, 651m
  • avg temp: 16.2C, winter -1.0C, summer 33.4C
  • growing season: 40 days (1st Aprimay to 11th Septober)
  • rainfall: 1522mm
  • timezone: -1

Artificial Intelligence Unit T.Y.N.A.N. is now online. All systems nominal. LifeSync reports 3 colonists inbound. Data receiving…


Serai, Engineer

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 34
  • Skills(5+): Crafting, Construction, Intellectual
  • Incapable of: Animals, Firefighting
  • Traits: Toxicity resistant, Pyromaniac
  • Injuries: None

Mickey, Settler

  • Gender: Female
  • Age 30
  • Skills(5+): Growing, Mining, Artistic
  • Incapable of: Intellectual
  • Traits: Psychopath, Greedy
  • Injuries: Old Gunshot (Torso/4)

Bunchie, Vet

  • Gender: Female
  • Age 40
  • Skills(5+): Animals, Medicine
  • Incapable of: Violent
  • Traits: Slothful, Psychically hypersensitive, Pretty.
  • Injuries: None


  • Deep – Husky (Male)

<<HELPFILE ENTRY>> T.Y.N.A.N. operates all the system functions for the colony to support life, and will also provide recommendations to the colonists on stock levels, nearby resources, local flora and fauna, as well as identifying hostile threats, space debris, and other potential hazards and weather patterns as they arise. Klaxons and other alerts will flash on the colonists LifeSync bracelets, allowing the colony to respond in a timely and sensible fashion. T.Y.N.A.N. is also shielded from EMP and solar activity and has an estimated operating time upwards of 10,000 years.

Colony Log File 0001

  • Planetdate: 6th of Aprimay, 5500

  • Entry: Recorded by T.Y.N.A.N. Unit 427/FHP

For 2 days the colonists hauled. Two fields were planted south of the walls – rice and cotton. A table and 2 stools were erected on day 3. On day 4 the kitchen facilities were built and a research table was built. Microelectronic basics were finalized on day 5. Gun turrets are the next research goal. Marble must be worked into blocks to create building materials to wall off the fledgling farms.

13th Aprimay – wanderer joins.

Eden, Settler

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 20
  • Skills(5+): Animals, Construction, Growing, Mining
  • Traits: Pyromaniac, Psychically sensitive
  • Incapable: Social, Firefighting
  • Injuries: None

Base Image

15th Aprimay – first defenses are erected.

2nd Jugust – first raid from The Missiles. A lone raider with a steel knife. Colonists are ordered inside. Turrets are activated. Raider repelled

7th Jugust – farms walled in, secondary food source sewn Southwest of The Base. Base Image Update

13th Jugust – Eden breaks and goes on a firestarting spree. She is arrested and spends one day in jail before being released

15th Jugust – first raid from The Landmine Men. 4 raiders with bolt action rifles and maces. Colonists are ordered inside. Turrets are activated. Attack repelled. Repairs underway.

6th Septober – second raid from The Missiles. 5 raiders with guns. Attack repelled, but 3 turrets destroyed. Repairs underway.

7th Septober – third raid from the Missiles. 5 raiders with guns and knives. Attack repelled. Repairs underway.

12th Septober – wanderer joins

Emmie, Sex Slave

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 41
  • Skills(5+): Social, Cooking
  • Incapable: Violent, Intellectual
  • Traits: Steadfast, Beautiful
  • Injuries: Stab Scar (Left Leg/4)

13th Septober, wanderer joins

Blackout, Servant

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 29
  • Skills(5+): Medicine, Cooking
  • Incapable: Firefighting, Intellectual
  • Traits: Toxicity Resistant, Fast Walker, Abrasive
  • Injuries: Old Gunshot (Left Leg/4)

4th Decembary – Bunchie lost her left ear when a roof collapsed

4th Decembary – Poison ship lands north of The Base. Investigating immediately. 3 Scythers (Charge Lances) and 1 Centipede (Inferno Cannon). Mickey is downed. Deep, the husky, has been killed. Blackout has been downed. She has lost her left hand and is now useless.

5th Decembary – Eden has been killed. Serai has been killed. 2 Scythers and 1 Centipede have been killed. 1 Scyther remains. There are no Combat-Capable colonists left. The poison ship is
still active.

7th Decembary – Blackout does a suicide run to take down the Scyther with her bare hands. She has been killed.

8th Decembary – Emmie has died from infection.

12th Decembary – Bunchie is attacked by a maddened Ibex and has been killed.

12th Decembary 5500 – No more colonists reside at The Base. The poison ship and 1 Scyther remain.

T.Y.N.A.N. Unit 427/FHP going into standby mode until new colonists appear.

<end of Colony Log File 0001>

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