The Asylum Tapes (05 – Setup)

19 Jul
The Asylum Tapes (05 – Setup)

Game is tomorrow. Recap should be up a few days after that. I thought I’d write up my notes now, since we are planning to start at noon and go til whenever. So the recap is probably gonna be long!

I wanted to write up some info on the districts surrounding where the party will be starting to run the Gauntlet, and I had to collate a lot of notes from years of scribblings from this place, and this allowed me to winnow the chaff and, like quantum superpostioning, allow the ideas to finally solidify in the “real world”.

So here we go. This is gonna be a raw dump of what I hand-wrote. I play with hardcopy at the table, since I don’t have a digital option. Or I’d be dry-humping OneNote every week. Anyway.

Strap in. This is a lot to take in.

Session 5

18th of GrumblesI’ve taken a photo of the calendar page. I have a very strange seasonal system set up that I’ll show you if there’s a lot of interest in the comments, but you can see that we are in the first spring of the year, at what’s considered the start of the year, since the 1st of Grumbles is the new year for the Regan Empire’s calendar, which this is based on.

Rainy! Rainy! Rainy! Cold!This is just to keep reminding myself of the weather 🙂

Reminder of the explosion at Pig Manor

Party has agreed to run the Gauntlet. They are escorted by Moon into the neighboring district of Dogshit. The whole district has turned out, with people and dogs lining the streets and rooftops. The party is escorted to an old Goblinball arena (wrecked and overgrown like the Coliseum in miniature). The locals follow and fill the stands. Party is brought to the center and Moon speaks.

“The murderer of Chopper has agreed to run the Gauntlet, and his pack has chosen to run with him!”

Crowd boos and cheers.

Moon nods to a large ugly man who brings 6 pairs of leather gauntlets, with the Running Fang symbol burned into the cuffs. Moon speaks.

“You must wear these for the run. Do not take them off, or your lives are forfeit.”

Any one in the city who sees these will know that they cannot aid the party or incur the wrath of The Running Fang

The party is allowed to keep their gear.

Party is drugged unconscious and are taken to the district of West Metal, where they awaken on the 19th of Grumbles, a Titheday, in the labyrinthine streets of the industrial heart of the city.

Right, so you might not remember this, but back in the first post, I said that I gave the party a handful of brainstorm sketches I did of the layout of the city, where all the districts were, etc… This was to represent their fragmented and unreliable memories, and was pretty cool, I think. So they are gonna be real confused about where they actually are, if they even understand where they are, but if you are following along, then you’re gonna have to sit behind the shield with me 🙂 So here’s two maps that are true. The first is the district overview from a purely geographical point-of-view. The second is the city with the Jumble taken into account. Stuff is slightly moved around and new areas are listed (like The Glom and The Breaks, Wedic’s Court and Upper Swagger for instance). Galron is three times the size of London, roughly 4000 square km, and it boggles my mind when I think about it. The party is going to be dropped in the western “tip” where the district narrows down between Trenchtown and Bogwall. They are weeks away from home.

West Metal

Rainy! Rainy! Rainy! Cold!

Labyrinth in 3d. Booka messengers. Noisy! Many hazards. Ikthorn (Construction, Engineers, Scientists) has a large Shrine here, and there are hundreds of cults of the small gods – wheel, gear, fire, chemicals, iron, coal, steel, copper, gases, etc..)

Street Names

  • Coppertop Way
  • Mithral Way
  • Bronze Alley
  • Steeldrum St
  • Pigiron Alley
  • Forged Avenue
  • Ikthorn Way
  • Dust St
  • Boilermaker Way
  • Slag St
  • Toolmaker Avenue

Locations – Use Notebook – I have place names for various factories, tool and die shops, inventors, taverns, etc…, which I’m not going to recreate here, but they’ll be referenced in the recap

!! There is Jumble here !!


No one will help them because of the Running Fang Gauntlets

  1. Street Gang, The Wrecking Ball, attacks
  2. An explosion rains debris (save Dex)
  3. Street Gang, The Wrench, demands tribute
  4. Runaway mech threatens the street
  5. Chemical explosion (save Con)
  6. The street reconfigures itself

Navigation – Party is not going to be able to navigate effectively in this District, so just let them wander until they get bored and then let them find a neighboring district. At that point, they pick a direction and roll Wisdom, if they fail, they proceed in an incorrect direction. Set the DC to 12. Stack it by 1 for every failure.


Rainy! Rainy! Rainy! Cold!

This is the district of the temple of Caina (Slavery, Power, Envy). Its a prison, basically. The temple’s slaves have been dominated via psionics, and each wears a brand on their forehead (their “Designation”) – an 11-digit number that conveys sex, age, value, and rank within the slave population. The slaves are called “The Unspoken”, as they are mostly forbidden to speak. There are 8 massive towers that dominate the largely open district. Huge barracks set into trenches comprise the rest of the structures here. 10,000+ slaves are rented to the city’s elite, or work on city projects, as need dictates. This isn’t a shopping district, and the party will be turned away by members of the clergy, The Chain. They wear white robes with a blue circle of chain around an open eye as a symbol. They all display some kind of chain on their persons, and all carry shackles and manacles, almost as jewelry. If the party tries to fight, well. That’s a really bad idea.


Rainy! Rainy! Rainy! Cold!

This district is 70% Jumble. It took the brunt of the war’s fallout and in the center of the district is the Temple of Bahklah (Pain, Suffering, Depair) with a handful of taverns, brothels, and tattooists scattered in between the 20 or 30 apartment blocks not corrupted by the Jumble.

The temple clergy are called The Holy Shriek (or “Shriekers”) and wear red robes with a white blade logo. They carry torture implements as weapons, but also barbed (and poisoned) daggers and crossbows. The lay-faithful are Painborn, and they usually have blade tattoos, or have stained an edge weapon red.


  • The Screaming Child
  • The Flayed Whore


  • The House of Pain
  • Lady Blackwhip’s

There are NO labeled streets here!


  1. Jumble Encounter (most likely HHHelll Junkies or Dweller Men)
  2. Street Gang – The Hellrazors, attack
  3. The Holy Shriek demands tribute of pain
  4. Mobbed by hungry, desperate people who try to hurt the party, cutting them for their pain.


Rainy! Rainy! Rainy! Cold!

Fishtown used to be a pretty normal place, home to the massive population that relied on the sea for their livelihoods and sustenance. Now, its home to the Temple of Nathrak (Murder, War, Poison) and the Deathbringers, the most feared of all the city’s clergy. They wear silver robes with repeated skull motifs, and a red fist as a logo. Each is missing an eye, a divine devotion, and they are armed with curved ceramic swords called “Soulreapers” that will soul-drain on a critical hit.

The Murderborn lay-faithful are, simply put, terrorists. They thrive on murder and chaos and believe it is their divine duty to foster these things as a natural function of the universe.

There is a cult here, The Collectors, This is a loose group of mad artistic types (usually), with no central leadership, that dedicates itself to the art of serial killing and necrotic body art. They erect vast and grotesque outdoor “sculpture gardens” with their victims, sometimes, or pose them in tableau on rooftops, or streetcorners.

Locations – See notebook – I have place names for various factories, tool and die shops, inventors, taverns, etc…, which I’m not going to recreate here, but they’ll be referenced in the recap

Some Jumble, but rare (10%)

Undead walk freely here, often being raised by the Temple after a sizable donation, but others are slaves, and if you can get up high, you can see over the walls and down into the limb farms where Corpse Collectors are sometimes created, and the Air Cage, where Invisible Stalkers are enslaved to serve the faith.

Street Names

  • Teeterback Flats
  • Teeterboon St
  • Cod St
  • Sharkfin Way
  • Yellowfin Avenjue
  • Rope St
  • Sailmakers Way
  • Crabbers Alley


  1. Accosted by gang of diseased beggars (highly contagious)
  2. Street Gang – The Frenzy, attacks
  3. Open manhole cover with a bloody stain around it*
  4. Street Gang – The Bloody Bastards, demand tribute
  5. Terrorist attack – explosions and chemicals
  6. Street Gang – The Reaping, attacks


  • Mirror Birds**
  • Running Fang is always watching, they have awakened dogs throughout the city
  • GoGangs!***

Asterisk Explanations

  • Open Manhole Cover – The city has a massive underground presence. In fact, the Under (as its called) is 4 times larger than the city surface, and has many, many levels. It is, truly, a whole other city in the Under, and something has come out of it. Something really fuckin bad. I don’t know what yet. I’ll decide in the moment.
  • Mirror Birds – These are a worldbuilding conceit taken from Light Years, a favorite fantasy film of mine, and they are spies for The Owl, and are constantly transmitting images back to Owltown. (You can see the birds if you watch the film for 5 minutes).
  • GoGangs! – These are a worldbuilding conceit from the American Flagg comic series by Howard Chaykin. They are, in essence, huge wildings of multiple gangs that come together for murder and mayhem over a day or two, sweeping through entire districts.
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